Prefab Eatery, the 180 seater Flagship Café for ACME, was founded in 2013 by Jeff Kennedy & Bridget Dunn.

"We wanted to have the ability to have a space in the inner city and we love this area, Te Aro," Kennedy says.

“Anyone would be able to pop by to use the free wi-fi. It would be a public space without a council bureaucrat in sight. This is why we live in Wellington. This place has sun, and it's not a high-rise area.

Our dream was to have an area we could control socially and musically, with eating, art, beautiful weddings. If the drama school wants to put on a play, it could here.

The lanes on either side of the buildings can be full of events. We are in an inner-city community, that's the dream and there's no other reason for being here."

Prefab Eatery, our flagship cafe, is also the test lab for all our ACME Products.

Acme & Co is the brand for all the goods we love at Prefab - from our coffee roasted on site to the gherkins we sourced in the United States and the ACME cups we sell all over the world.